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Aspheric Lasik Laser Surgery

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Aspheric Lasik Laser Surgery in Delhi

Lasik surgery is the most frequently used techniques for curing vision related problems in people. The Lasik procedures are considered to be safe and  reliable. They provide freedom from eye glasses and contact lenses.

Aspheric laser surgery is one of the Lasik surgeries, which is highly used by eye surgeons for sharper vision. Aspheric laser Lasik can cure vision problems related to nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism in an efficient manner. Aspheric Lasik Laser surgery provides patients with super vision, as the surgery is customized to suit the individual need of the eye. It is one of the best surgeries for patients who have large pupil, and people who suffer from problem night vision or night time activity like driving etc.

The aspheric Lasik procedure measures each and every place of the eye cornea, to analyze the optical performance of the eye of the patient. After thorough analysis laser treatment is planned and programmed to rectify and correct every part of the cornea to provide perfection in vision after the surgery.

Aspheric laser Lasik surgery helps’s in adjusting contrast sensitivity, by increasing and leveling the lighting effects, which rectifies problems of night time halos and glare. This treatment can be used to treat problems related to nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Here laser or hand held device is used to create a a corneal flap, then another laser is used for reshaping the cornea to get desired vision correction. Once the corrections are done, the corneal flap is again placed on the cornea. The procedure is painless and takes very little time to complete. After the surgery almost patient can do away with their glasses and lenses.

Aspheric Lasik is one of the most commonly used Lasik surgery techniques used by ophthalmic surgeons all over the world, for delivering sharp vision quality. Get your aspheric LASIK laser surgery in Delhi at Healing Touch Eye Centre.