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Glaucoma Treatment

25 Jul
Glaucoma Treatment-1
Important Factors to Consider While Looking For a Glaucoma Specialist
Category: Glaucoma Treatment

Having problem with vision? If yes, its time to see a doctor. Depending on the problem, you need to find a doctor. Go to a Glaucoma specialist, if you have following symptoms. Severe eye pain Eye pain resulting in nausea and vomiting Blurred vision Reddening of eyes Halos around lights Sudden onset of visual disturbance…

28 Jun
What Questions To Ask Before Choosing Glaucoma Treatment?
Category: Glaucoma Treatment

If you are looking for glaucoma treatment, you will struggle with the following questions. These questions are important because they are related to the choice of glaucoma treatment option. Q: What is the objective of treatment? A: The goal should be to slow down the progression of glaucoma by diffusing the pressure and the goal…