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28 Oct
Pediatric Ophthalmologist
Why is it Necessary to Choose the Best Pediatric Ophthalmologist for Kids?
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This article would help in understanding why should you take your child only to a pediatric ophthalmologist in Delhi. It would throw light on different visual needs and vision related disorders of children. Brain-eye connection in kids isn’t fully developed and for this reason any vision related problem can develop into lazy eye or amblyopia…

22 Oct
What to Know About Squint Diagnosis and Treatment?
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Squint or Strabismus occurs when the extraocular muscles that control movement of eyes fail to exercise proper control over the eye movements resulting in misalignment of eyes. But the good thing is that it can be controlled and straightened at any age. Kinds of Strabismus Strabismus is divided into different categories depending on the position…

25 Aug
Should I Consider Brand as an Important Factor in Lasik Surgery?
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Lasik eye surgery in Delhi is a great idea to get rid of boring glasses and painstaking pair of contacts but there are many factors to consider before you make an opinion on an eye-center. Selection of an eye-hospital 1. Popularity You can go to a popular eye-center to get the best Lasik surgery in…

01 Aug
Factors That Make Contoura Vision Laser Surgery a Better Option
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Contoura Vision laser surgery is the latest in advancement in specs removal treatment. It also uses laser but it goes beyond Lasik and SMILE treatments. The Contoura Vision corrects corneal irregularities in addition to correcting the specs power. Let’s quickly delve into the advantage of Contoura Vision and check its reliability in comparison to others…

20 Jul
Ask Your Doctor: How Long Would Your Lasik Treatment Last?
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The most debated question about Lasik is its durability. The first question the patients going for Lasik surgery in Delhi ask is “how long would the treatment last”. Some people say that it lasts forever while others are of the opinion that a correction surgery is required after some time. You would also want to…

23 Jun
Is Squint Surgery The Best Option For Curing Strabismus?
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Squint is a medical condition of eyes where the eyes point in different directions. Also called strabismus, it is common eye condition effecting one in 20 children. Usually a child develops this condition before 5 but the condition can also develop in later years. Squint and vision It is difficult to live with a squint…

18 May
Oculoplasty Services
What Do Eye Surgeons Need To Provide Oculoplasty Services?
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Oculoplasty services include surgical treatment for correcting deformities that leave a blot on the facial appearance of the affected person. For example, the trauma-induced eyelid condition is a deformity that can disfigure a beautiful face to point of looking ugly. Similarly, distortion of tear drainage passage is can be disfiguring for a face. Technically it…

24 Jan
Cataract Surgery More Information
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Cataract is the clouding of lens which is the part of eyes responsible for focusing light and producing clear, sharp image. A cataract occurs when the crystalline lens of the eyes become cloudy or opaque as a result of age, illness or trauma. This cloudiness can interfere with the eye’s natural ability to direct light…

18 Jan
CME at janakpuri hospital 1
CME held at The Healing Eye Touch Superspeciality Hospital
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CME held at The Healing Eye Touch Superspeciality Hospital (Janakpuri, New Delhi)

09 Jan
Free Eye Check Up Camp Organized on 6th Jan’19 by The Healing Touch Eye Centre
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Healing Touch Eye Centre has organized the free Eye Check up camp on 6th Jan’19. More than 100 patients had visited to the camp.

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