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Contoura Vision Laser Surgery

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Contoura Vision Lasik Laser Surgery in Delhi

Contoura Vision Laser Surgery is also known as  topography guided lasik surgery. It is an advanced form of customized surgery which offers high degree of precision and accuracy in treating vision related problems.Contoura Vision technology improves upon the traditional customized procedures by using most advanced corneal mapping technology to map whole surface of your corneaup to 22,000 elevation points and create a unique highly customized treatment plan.

contoura lasik in delhi

The procedure uses most advanced mapping technology to measure the contours of the surface of your cornea and so on. Once the measurements are taken the eye surgeon prepares a customized and a personalized treatment plan for the individual. The treatment method can be used to treat numerous vision problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness and irregularity of cornea or astigmatism. The procedure is so advanced that it can take numerous images of the eye and can be evaluated around 22000 exclusive evaluation points of the cornea to detect the exact problem of vision. The procedure can smoothen any form of the surface irregularity of the cornea to bring in vision clarity.

The topographic guided Contoura vision surgery is considered to be a safe procedure, which takes fifteen minutes to complete. It is a painless procedure which requires no stitching or bandaging. The recovery time is also fast, recovery depends on the type of vision problem one is suffering from, age and other medical conditions of the patient. After the surgery, one gets total freedom from eye glasses and contact lenses. After the surgery have some one to take you home, and avoid rubbing the operated eye.  The procedure is effective in doing away with problems like, blurring, glare, double vision, light sensitivity and the problem of night driving.

Contoura vision LASIK Laser Surgery in Delhi

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