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Oculoplasty Surgery in Delhi

Oculoplasty surgery is a cosmetic procedure for the reconstruction of the eyelids. The bone or the structure behind the eye called orbit and tear drain is known as Lacrimal.

Oculoplasty servcies

Orbit: It is the cavity in the skull, which holds the eye and is formed with different bones known as frontal, sphenoid, zygomatic, Lachrymal, ethmoid, palatine, and maxillary bones. The procedure cures fracture of any of the bones harmed. Patients of all ages may require Oculoplasty. This is an advanced and innovative method for facial and eyelid surgery.

The oculoplastic surgery in Delhi may be needed for procedures like:

Bepharoplasty: The surgery is done to remove the excessive skin hanging down over the eyelid till the eyelash that may or may not be a hindrance in vision.

Eyelid ptosis: This condition is caused due to injury in the muscle, or due to muscle disorders, nerve disorders. It may also occur because of congenital defect or due to aging. This conditions leads to drooping of upper eyelid. In children, this requires an early detection and early cure or it may lead to lazy eye. On the other hand, in adults if it is a severe condition this may lead to obstruction of vision and may give you a tired and aged look.

Entropion: This condition is caused when the eyelid turn inward or droops and rubs against the Eyelash. This may lead to infection, a continuous tear dropping. It may also damage vision and may cause dispairment. An Oculoplasty surgeon can easily cure this condition through surgery in the supporting areas.

Ectropion: The surgery here is done to improve the lower eyelid that turns outward. This disorder may cause redness in the eye, may lead to infection and irritation or it may lead to crusting vision. It may also damage the cornea and cause impairment. This condition is caused due to some injury or facial ageing, tumour or because of bell’s palsy. The doctor corrects it by making the necessary changes in the eye tissue and muscles supporting the eyelid.

Eye thyroid and problems relating tear ducts: Oculoplasty is one of the most preferred and unique surgeries for facial and eye related problems. All those suffering from any eyelid relating problem can contact an Oculoplasty surgeon and can get rid of these conditions very easily. This may also make you look younger and beautiful/handsome.

Oculoplasty Treatment in Delhi

At Healing Touch Eye Centre, we have the most experienced experts and surgeons for oculoplasty treatment in Delhi. We provide the oculoplastic surgery in Delhi at best price.